Our product tankers are used to transport refined petroleum products from oil refineries to end-users or to another refinery for further processing known as Clean Petroleum Products (“CPP”) e.g. kerosene (jet fuel) diesel and petrol (RON95 & RON97).

FSU/FSO are typically used to support production platforms as an offshore Oil & Gas storage facility at brown fields; and

Liquid Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) tankers are used to transport liquefied gasses including propane, butane and other gases such as propylene and butylene, albeit in smaller concentrations. These gases are required to be transported under high pressure and/or low temperatures to maintain them in a liquid state.

We also operate Offshore Supply Vessels (“OSV”), namely fast crew boats which are primarily used to transport personnel/light cargoes between shore and platform, platform and platform and other offshore facilities.

We are engaged in the provision of port marine services for petrochemical and bulk and contained ports in Malaysia. The types of port marine services that we provide at the ports include, among others: –

  • Towage services comprising towing, pushing or manoeuvring vessels; and
  • Mooring services involves securing a marine vessel to specially constructed fixtures such as piers, quays, wharfs, jetties, anchor buoys and mooring buoys.

We also provide dockside mooring services where we have mooring personnel to secure vessels to floating structure and fixtures at the wharf.

Our marine engineering services are divided into 2 segments i.e. provision of marine engineering solutions and shipbuilding and ship repair activities. Marine engineering solution encompass provision of marine engineering solution and EPCIC activities.

Our shipbuilding and ship repair activities serve as an internal supporting arm to our marine vessels.

  • Shipbuilding: Some of the shipbuilding activities that we carry out include construction of hull and structure, installation of machinery, equipment and instruments, and various embedded systems on the deck of the vessel, painting and coating, as well as testing and commissioning.
  • Ship repair: Our ship repair utilise the same facilities, equipment and skill set as shipbuilding. Our repair works involves inspection, replacement, modification, removal and installation and cleaning.

We also undertake the mirror fabrication of steel structures in our shipyard. The steel structures that we fabricate are mainly for marine vessels for example helipad, flare stack, skids and piping systems.